GeniEye Pool and Hot Tub/Spa Mineralizers

How the Genieye Mineralizer Works

The low voltage Genieye electronically introduces microscopic ions and minerals into the water which when comes in contact with algae, bacteria, and fungi, have the ability of destroying their DNA and renders them inactive and purifies the water to a crystal clear pristine state.

Our Hot tub/Spa Mineralizer and our Pool Mineralizer have a patented exterior mounting, control LED display switch specifically designed for hot tub/spa fuse protection. Safe and simple to operate, giving you easy access to control the mineral content of the water.

Genieye Mineralizer affords you the luxury and quality of life you and your family deserve. Enjoy relaxing in your hot tub/spa, surrounded by pure, hypo-allergenic water, with the peace of mind knowing you’re in a healthy environment, free of harsh chemicals. No bad odors, no burning eyes, dry skin, or damaged hair. Operating the unit saves you the cost of expensive chemicals.

Introductory Pool Unit Offer (below or above ground) $495.00 (click to purchase online)

Hot Tub/Spa $595.00 (click to purchase online) (prices subject to change)

Units sell from $ 1,100.00  and UP!

May be easily retrofitted to most pool systems. Not available for salt chlorinated pools, conversion would require eliminating salt chlorinator (simple task). 30 Minute self installation manual enclosed or use a qualified installer for a small fee.


► Mineralized water maintains a residual ability to deal with algae and is not affected by heat or sunlight eliminating the need for expensive stabilizers.
►  Low voltage unit is safe, easy to operate and saves you the cost of expensive chemicals and salt.
►  The life expectancy of pools and equipment will increase. They will not be continually exposed to large doses of harsh chemicals and corrosive salts.
►  Mineral levels are checked weekly using a simple copper test strip.
► As in all pools, PH balance must be maintained and checked weekly – a simple and quick process with the Genieye water mineralizer.

Our products are C-UL certified.