Water Purification System


The GeniEye KM-2 Premium under sink unit not only filters and purifies, it adds important minerals and provides proper pH balanced water. The unit contains the mineralizer, 3 different filters and UV light sterilization of viruses and bacteria, guaranteeing pure, great tasting water at a fraction of the cost of time & money of buying water at a store.

It’s a cost effective way to have limitless, pure, safe, great tasting water without the use of harsh chemicals!  This technologically advanced system provides a safe & healthy solution to your poor water quality.




► Provides treatment to eliminate microbes
► Tankless units do not require any storage containers, and offer instant, unlimited water flow
► Sediment filter removes small particles suspended in water
► Activated carbon filter removes foul chemicals that cause unpleasant tastes and odors
► Ultraviolet light provides instant sterilization of viruses and bacteria in water seconds before consumption.
► The ultraviolet unit works with the sediment and carbon filters provide a final polish of the water
► Unit is C-UL Certified & Patent Pending

Filtration Units

►  Sediment Filter
►  Carbon Filter
► Mineralization
► Ultraviolet Sterilization
► T.D.S ( Total Dissolved Solids 500 ppm ) or less for Well Water

Includes installation package and self-install manual included (or call your local plumber) Units come with a one-year warranty. We offer a full line of parts and filters to keep your system fully operational.

Weight: 17.5 lbs
Dimensions: L-17″ W- 16″ Depth 5″

For additional filtration capabilities, see our list of add-on filters and replacement parts.

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